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  • taniyara


    “What is your dream?” It was a memorable question posed by the chief editor of Vox Pop Media when I start cooperation with Vox Pop Media to formulate the “secret of success” in the book of Factor-X. The question “what is your dream? It eventually became the basis of the concept of extracting the factors that distinguish between successful entrepreneurs with other entrepreneurs? Factor-X into the category of best-selling books in the Gramedia bookstore network available”.

    Eddy Taniraya , Etrepreneur and Motivator
  • nyoman

    I want to realize the idea of the family company of my doctoral dissertation is becoming more popular and more people can understand. I poured this idea in the book, facilitated by Vox Pop Media publisher. Expressing ideas along with Vox Pop Media be an experience filled with discussion and grinding reason. When the idea of the family company was published in book form, I’m proud. This book has become a best seller in Gramedia bookstore network.

    Nyoman Marpa -, Chairman Center for Family Business Studies [CFBS]
  • tosan

    Facilitated by Vox Pop Media publisher, I was helped to share great ideas about superactive income. This idea many responded by various groups, such as the network marketers, insurance agents and entrepreneur community. Whenever we hold seminars are always full by the participants. The idea of superactive income has inspired many people to realize how vulnerable their income status.

    Tosan Lim -, Writer and Motivator
  • eth

    Cooperating with Vox Pop Media is a memorable and enlightening experience. Some of the projects we worked on together, such as the Directorate of Archives project at Bank Indonesia, the Special Unit for Information Management of Bank Indonesia, USAID and the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA). For me the timeliness of project completion and accuracy in the process is a priority. Some clients are satisfied is still in contact with us and offer other projects.

    Edi Timbul Hardiyanto, Msc, MBA, CRMP, ERMCP, QIA - , Managing Consultant Expert in Risk Management. Holds a MBA degree in Accounting and MS in Finance from Drexel University Philadelphia, Ca.
  • Image testimony 1 Salim-Segaf-Al-Jufri

    “Documentary movie of the so-called Bedah Kampung produced by Vox Pop Media is the best that ever made for Social Ministry. This movie has been broadcasted on Metro TV, TV One, and TVRI. It helps this program better known by society.”

    Salim Segaf Al Jufri, Social Minister of Republic of Indonesia’s United Indonesia Cabinet
  • “Media relation program and branding by Vox Pop Media enable me to have access to media and made people in electoral district IV, Central Java, know more about me and escalate my electability as candidate of RI’s House of Representative.”


    Sarwoto Atmosutarno, President Director of PT. Telkomsel Tbk. (2008 – 2012)
  • Image testimony 3

    After participating in the training program of Vox Pop Media, Me and the team of Dakta Radio 107 FM very feel the benefits. The training program was to increase our knowledge and improve our skills as broadcaster, reporter, announcer and producer. As an announcer , the more I know how to be a good announcer. As a producer, I’m getting to know how to keep radio program to be more attractive to listeners.

    Syifa Faradila, Announcer and Producer Dakta Radio