Rory and the Island Single Release

Rory and the Island release the Double-A-Side “Jimmy Selling Watches” / “Overground Artist” from the forthcoming album “Auntie Depressant and Uncle Hope”.

Rory and the Island is the musical vehicle for Donegal musician Rory Gallagher who kicks off 2012 with one of the strangest and coolest Irish reggae songs ever to be released – “Jimmy Selling Watches”.

The second track is a bit of an indie belter titled “Overground Artist” which hints at the sound of Rory’s previous band The Revs. Anyone who has seen Rory and the Island live is already well aware of how diverse a musician Rory is – this double a-side is proof of that!

“Jimmy Selling Watches” was written about a man from Senegal who goes by the name of “Jimmy Barry Murphy” (we doubt if this is his real name!). Rory has become great friends with Jimmy since moving to Lanzarote in 2007. Not only does Jimmy sell the best fake Rolex on the island of Lanzarote but he can also name about 500 towns in Ireland and gets up onstage most nights with Rory and astonishes the crowd by listing off all the Irish towns before launching into his own unique Sengalian rendition of Molly Malone!

Rory says “I think in this time when Racism is rearing its ugly head again, people find it fantastic (and a relief) when they see a white man from Donegal and a black man from Senegal onstage going mad, laughing and having the craic for 20 minutes every night. Jimmy is a clever fella as well, he knows he will sell a good few watches, chains and sunglasses once he leaves the stage!”

The sound of this song is very unique; it is a solid example of what happens when you leave an Irishman on a rock a few Kilometres off the coast of North Africa for a few years.

Rory plays all the instruments on these songs himself, recorded and mixed in his basement in the tiny village of Uga, Lanzarote.

Rory and the Island had a remarkable debut year in 2011 with 4 tracks charting top 20 on iTunes Ireland.

“Jimmy Selling Watches” and “Overground Artist” will feature on the forthcoming album “Auntie Depressant and Uncle Hope” to be released in late April 2012 in conjunction with Rory’s first national tour in over four years.